Arun Prasath

That’s me

Arun, cool, travel loving, java speaking guy living in Bangalore. Mid 20 crisis and search of fun landed me in Goan jungles. I met my first love, a Pit viper, there and it has etched a permanent space in my heart. Its been 2+ year journey of being a novice in photography to learning so much stuff about forests and photography alike and it has been fun ride from day 1 :). I truly believe that forests have life of their own and the more I venture into the Forests the more it fascinates me.


The word that best describes my travel aspiration with photography

Random 6 letter title ?

The word MULLAI coined during sangam literature broadly denotes “Forest & its surrounding areas” & capture the emotions of the people living there. It best describes my photography aspiration or atleast how I want to be and the direction in which I want to move. Will share my clicks & thoughts about wildlife in this space.

My Gear

which drained my pocket

CAMERA: Nikon D500, D7100

LENS: Nikon 105mm f/2.8 macro, 80-400mm f/5.6,  50mm f/2.8, 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5